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HuiZhou HeSheng Metal Products Co., Ltd. founded in 2005, located in ChaHua Industrial Zone Pingtan Town Huiyang District Huizhou City GuangDong Province. Initially created to process high-grade metal buttons for the world-renowned garment accessories company Japan MORITO .

So far we have the best advanced button manufacturing equipment and excellent technical personnel in the industry, as well as superior Japanese production & quality management.professionally manufacture high-quality metal(copper or alloy) buttons, materials and surface treatment technology can meet international environmental standards...


    • A Jeans Button is generally used as a method of fastening for denim trousers or denim jackets.On children wear garments a Jeans button is also used as a fastening on Dungarees. A Jeans Button consists of 2 components - The Jeans Button & Jeans Button...

    • The small metal circles on the pockets of your pants are often overlooked — but they actually serve a pretty important purpose.Called rivets, they’re placed on the parts of your jeans that are most likely to be ripped by everyday movement and wear. B...

    • 1. the control sample or confirmation samples. See whether color, model is consistent with the sample
      2. button should not have crack, gap, uneven surface and clear scratches
      3. no dismemberment, bubble surface back; No bad side, thickness unev...

    • In general, clothing button prices can range from a few cents to a few hundred dollars each. Only rare examples in excellent condition bring high dollar values though. Those top ranking buttons are hard to come by these days.

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